Precision AC/DC Current Shunt

20 AMP AC or DC Current Shunt - EL7520

Measure Tech's AC-DC current shunt is tested and approved by the U.S. Navy to be used in the Navy's standard laboratories.


  • AC or DC current shunt
  • O to 20 amp, DC to 5 kHz functionability
  • Can be used as a high stability precision resistor standard
  • Tested and approved by Fluke corporation to replace Fluke Y5020

Product Information

Measure Tech's AC-DC current shunt (model number EL-7520) is a high accuracy four terminal instrument for calibrating AC or DC currents from 0 to 20 amps and frequencies up to 5 kHz. This product is a non-inductive current shunt, which provides inexpensive but highly accurate methods to calibrate transconductance amplifiers and other current calibrators. The unique and versatile construction of this instrument makes it a valuable device used for a calibrating standard providing traceability to the National Institute of Science and technology (NIST).

The EL-7520 current shunt is supplied in a durable metal enclosure which is tested to the electromagnetic compatibility requirements of MIL-T-28800. In addition, the unit has a continuously operating ventilating fan which cools the shunt as a stabilizing aid. All products are provided with the actual value of resistance within 10 ppm of the value marked on the front panel. Special processing of the resistance materials developed by Measure Tech has made the device not only a highly reliable current shunt but also a reliable and stable resistance standard to be used for resistance calibration with a drift of less than 10 ppm per year.

AC-DC Current Shunt Specifications
Design & Performance Specifications
Nominal resistance 0.01 Ω ± 1%
Maximum current 20 ADC or RMS
Accuracy of calibration value DC: ± 0.010%
DC to 1kHz: ± 0.025%
1 kHz to 5kHz: ± 0.075%
Burden voltage 0.25 V at 20 A
Power coefficient Less than 0.001% at 20 amps
Temperature coefficient 10°C to 18°C: 5 ppm/°C
18°C to 28°C: 2 ppm/°C
28°C to 40°C: 5 ppm/°C
Input power to operate fan 115 V ± 10% (as specified in MIL-T-28800)
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions 12.0" L × 8.37" W × 3.47" H
Mass 902 g
Design & Construction MIL-T-28800, type III
Reliability MIL-T-28800, type III
Maintainability MIL-T-28800, type III
Environmental MIL-T-28800, type III, class 5, style E