Brake Temperature Sensor - FAA Approved

Aircraft Quality Brake Temperature Sensor

Measure Tech's facility has been inspected and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration for manufacturing products for commercial aviation industry in addition to being ISO9001:AS9100 certified.

Measure Tech has their Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) as well as FAA approval to supply temperature sensors for Bombardier model CL-600-2B19 regional jet series 100 and 400. With 30 years of experience manufacturing the most precise and critical sensors for the U.S. military Measure Tech was able to develop this temperature sensor to be installed in the brake system where the temperatures are in excess of 1000°C and extreme levels of shock and vibration conditions are normal operation environment.

Measure Tech is currently developing several more sensors, switches and detectors for the CRJ 100/440/700 series and 900 aircraft.