FAA Approved Sensors

Measure Tech's facility has been inspected and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration for manufacturing products for commercial aviation industry in addition to being ISO9001:AS9100 registered.

Measure Tech has extensive experience manufacturing temperature sensing devices for harsh environments located all over the aircraft. Many of Measure Tech's PMA sensors have a design improvement increasing reliability over their OEM counterpart. The designs and manufacturing processes utilized have been exposed to various RTCA DO-160 test categories.

Nickel sensor meets the requirements of Mil-T-7990, MS28034-2, MS28034 and 56B series temperature bulb. FAA approved for installation on: Airbus A300 and A310 and Boeing DC-10, MD-10F and MD-11F
Brake Temperature Sensors qualified to various DO-160 test categories and beyond.
Engine, APU and Fluid Control