High Vacuum Microwave Feedthroughs

High Vacuum Microwave Feedthroughs

High vacuum microwave feedthroughs are used to transfer a microwave electrical signal into a vacuum system. Measure Tech's N female to SMA female high vacuum microwave feedthroughs are excellent anywhere a microwave signal must be brought through a process enclosure.


  • Precision microwave design
  • Composed of ultra high vacuum (UHV) materials
  • Operates under extreme environment conditions
  • Dependable connector interfaces


High Vacuum Microwave Feedthrough Specifications
Design & Performance Specifications
Connector interface N female to SMA female (2 places)
Outer diameter 2.75 inches
Impedance 50 Ω
Frequency range (DC) Up to 12 GHz
Voltage 1,500 VRMS
VSWR Up to 3 GHz: 1.05:1 max
Up to 12 GHz: 1.25:1 max
Insulation resistance Greater than 1012 Ω
Insertion loss At 3 GHz: 0.10 dB
At 12 GHz: 0.35 dB
Hermeticity ≈×10-8 cc/sec helium leak rate
Radiation Greater than 200 megarads gamma
Material Specifications
Outer body 316L stainless steel
Center conductor Molybdenum (TZM alloy)
Insulator Glass ceramic
Connector contact Gold-plated beryllium copper
Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature range -270°C to 300°C