High Voltage Thermal Converters

Calibration Uncertainty
Frequency Range AC-DC Difference
10 Hz to 20 Hz ± 0.016%
20 Hz to 20 kHz ± 0.026%
20 kHz to 50 kHz ± 0.004%
50 kHz to 100 kHz ± 0.0065%
100 kHz to 1 MHz ± 0.0092%
1 MHz to 10 MHz ± 0.1%
10 MHz to 30 MHz ± .02%
30 MHz to 100 MHz ± 1.0%

Measure Tech offers a variety of high voltage thermal converters for various applications. Our unique design utilizes our most advanced vacuum thermocouple in order to minimize AC-DC errors.

High Voltage Thermal Converters - Model Information
Model Number Nominal Input
Voltage (V)
Usable Range
EL-1500-.25 0.25 .1 to .3 DC to 50 MHz
EL-1500-.5 0.5 .17 to .68 DC to 100 MHz
EL-1500-1 1 .33 to 1.39 DC to 100 MHz
EL-1500-2 2 .61 to 2.65 DC to 100 MHz
EL-1500-3 3 .85 to 4.1 DC to 100 MHz
EL-1500-5 5 1.55 to 6.85 DC to 100 MHz
EL-1500-10 10 3.25 to 14.2 DC to 100 MHz
EL-1500-20 20 6.22 to 27.3 DC to 100 MHz
EL-1500-50 50 15.8 to 67.2 DC to 100 MHz


Product Information

Each high voltage thermal converter is manufactured in a copper alloy high polished chrome plated housing tube for highest surface reflection and adjusted for the best AC-DC difference and so that a constant impedance is held through the entire frequency range. Each unit can be supplied with BNC, N, or GR874 input connectors.

The high voltage thermal converters are manufactured with vacuum thermocouples with a maximum DC reversal error of 0.02%. In addition, a DC reversal error of 0.005% is available upon request.

Measure Tech uses a fully automated calibration system, EL-2400, which was manufactured for Air Force precision measurements laboratories. The calibration is performed by comparing our product to a calibrated standard traceable to NIST.

In addition, for all thermal converters a 4' long low noise cable (model number EL-2000) is available with excellent shielding capabilities. This product mates with all of Measure Tech's thermal converters as well as any other thermal converter with an output connector of MS3102A-10SL-3P.

All high voltage thermal converters use the EL-2000 low noise cable