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Brake Temperature Sensor

Brake Temperature Sensor

Inspected and approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Precision AC Current Shunt

AC Current Shunt

Our shunts certified by the National Institute of Science and Technology.

High Vaccum Microwave Feedthrough

High Vaccum Microwave Feedthroughs

Excellent anywhere a microwave signal must be brought through a process enclosure.

High Temperature Thermocouple

High Temperature Thermocouple

Variety of applications, from wind tunnels to rockets.

AC/DC Current Shun

AC/DC Current Shunt

High accuracy, for calibrating AC or DC currents from 0 to 20A/5kHz.

Silicon Dioxide Cable Asembly

Silicon Dioxide(SiO2) Cable

Our shielded silicon dioxide cable utilizes 99.98% silicon dioxide powder.

Speed Transducers

Speed Transducer

Convert mechanical motion into alternating current without mechanical linkage.

High Voltage Thermal Converter

High Voltage Thermal Converters

Manufactured in a copper alloy high polished chrome plated housing tube; highest surface reflection, best AC-DC difference.

  Standard Voltage Converters

Standard Voltage Converters

Thermal converters for large or small scale applications.

  Single-Junction Vacuum Thermocouple

Vacuum Thermocouple

We manufacture the only single junction vacuum thermocouple in the world.