Measure Tech Press Releases

AC-DC Thermal Transfer Standards and Calibrations

"AC-DC Thermal Transfer Standards and Calibrations" National Research Council Canada

- October 2006

This paper describes efforts undertaken to upgrade ac-dc current transfer standards and calibrations at the National Research Council of Canada. The ac-dc current transfer comparator has been redesigned, using guarding techniques most advantageous for the current shunt comparisons. A set of coaxial shunts for currents between 10 mA and 10 A has been built, and characterized up to 100 kHz by a step up procedure. Read more (PDF)

Performance of the Single Junction Thermal Voltage Converter.

"Performance of the Single Junction Thermal Voltage Converter" Cal Labs (metrology journal)

- April 2009 (pgs. 40-45)

The physical structure of the single junction thermal voltage converter (SJTVC) can be represented in simulation using an equivalent RLC circuit to investigate the performance and estimate the error sources. This paper describes instruments and techniques that apply 0.6 V thermal converters to achieve this aim. The technique was performed in the department of electrical metrology, National Institute for Standard (NIS), Egypt, to investigate the frequency-dependence of the SJTVC at high frequency. Read more (PDF)

Single Thermal Converters of a New Design

"Single Thermal Converters of a New Design" National Research Council Canada

- 2002

In Feb 2002 a FRDC - equipment was rented from METAS, Switzerland. Measurements on thermal converters (TC) of a new manufacturer have been made. These TC's are designed as UHF- units with an evanohm heater, platinum feedthroughs and a cold bead. One heater-terminal of the TC is soldered directly to the Type N connector, the other one via a copper-wire back to ground. Read more (PowerPoint)